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Our Services

We Offer Services Throughout North Dakota

Alcohol / Drug Services

A.D.A.P.T., Inc. is a Licensed Addiction Counseling Agency licensed through the state of North Dakota. We serve adults and provide low and high intensity out patient treatment for individuals and in group settings.

We provide alcohol/drug evaluations, DUI evaluations, alcohol/drug treatment, substance abuse prevention and other educational awareness classes and seminars.

We implement telehealth addiction services, which is confidential and HIPAA approved. We have the ability to conduct evaluations, treatment, group classes and individual counseling from locations around the state over the approved confidential internet site.

We provide these services in North Dakota with our headquarters located in Bismarck, ND and a satellite office in Dickinson, ND.  We have counselors based throughout the state ready to help you from any location you may be. 

We will adjust our services to meet the requirements of other states.

Our staff can provide a full continuum of alcohol/drug education awareness and addiction services (least restrictive to most restrictive).

  • Minor In Possession / Consumption Class

  • Adult / Minor In Possession / Consumption Class

  • Other drug related education awareness class

  • Alcohol and Drug / DUI Evaluations

  • DUI Seminars

  • Substance Abuse Prevention Services

  • Low Intensity Outpatient Services

  • Harm Reduction Outpatient Services

  • Telehealth Addiction Services

Mental Health Services

  • Vocational Counseling

  • Anger Management

  • Domestic Violence

  • Family and Individual Therapy

  • Relapse Prevention

  • Other Group and Individualized Program

Substance Abuse Testing

ADAPT has Trained and Certified Staff to Conduct Alcohol/Drug Collections

  • Certified urine testing through American Screening Association and Quest Laboratories.

  • Certified saliva swab testing (including alcohol) through Forensic Fluids.

  • MRO Services provided for all lab results.

  • ADAPT Inc. utilizes ALCO-Sensor IV with Memory (Black Dot) through Intoximeters, Inc. for all alcohol tests.

  • Paternity Testing

Alcohol & Drug Testing with Lab Certified Results

  • Drug Patch

  • Urine Testing

  • Saliva Swab

  • Paternity Testing

Electronic Monitoring Programming & Services

Criminal Justice Services – in lieu of jail time, allowing clients to be at home and eligible for work release programs through electronic monitoring programs:  

  • House Arrest / Home Confinement

  • GPS Tracking (no landline needed)

  • Home Alcohol Monitoring (no landline needed)

  • Domestic Violence Offender Monitoring

  • 2016 Statistics

    • 357 GPS Monitoring Clients

    • 2 Alcohol Breathalyzer System Clients

    • Provided 7,925 days of monitoring

    • Average length of monitoring per client was just over 22 days

    • Saved local city, county and state entities almost $1,000,000 ($100/day conservative estimated incarceration costs)

    • 98% of clients successfully completed their Monitoring Privilege

Electronic Monitoring / GPS Tracking

For more information:

ADAPT Inc. is providing this statistical data to inform citizens about the benefits of this program. The positive results and financial benefits of Electronic Monitoring for our communities are reflected below.

  • In 2020, ADAPT served 360 clients on GPS Ankle Bracelets and 3 on Alcohol Breathalyzers.

  • In 2020, ADAPT provided 9780 days of GPS and 320 days of Soberlink (Alcohol) monitoring.

  • Each client served, averaged about 30 days for GPS monitoring by ADAPT Inc. in the Bismarck, Devils Lake, Dickinson, Fargo, Grand Forks, Minot and Williston areas of North Dakota and surrounding states. The Alcohol (Soberlink) Monitoring Service served (3) clients for a total of 320 days, averaging 107 days per case from those same office locations totaling 10,100 clients.

  • 6 clients out of 363 did not successfully complete their Monitoring Privilege in 2020 (4% success rate). ADAPT contributes this to our “Case Management” style of programming.

  • Conservatively, daily incarceration costs are at $150 per day. This program has saved North Dakota Counties and tax payers nearly $1.5 million dollars in incarceration costs in 2020. (9780 + 320 = 10,100 days X $150 = $1,515,000.00). ADAPT collects daily service fees from each client.

  • ADAPT has monitored 8703+ Clients since 2007, each client averaging about 25 days per case for a total of 217,575 days of monitoring since 2017. In those past 13 years, this program has saved  close to $32.6 Million incarceration dollars to city, county, state and federal entities.

ADAPT prides itself in assisting people to be successful without jeopardizing the restrictive rules and community safety that comes with Electronic Monitoring. We use the supportive relationship-based and Christian Belief System philosophy to counsel our referrals to assist them to be positive citizens, family members, and role models. ADAPT's trained staff currently uses high quality equipment from the 3M/Attenti and BI Companies that have been in this business for many years and know what it takes to provide high quality of services. When a citizen makes an illegal mistake and is legally eligible for Electronic Monitoring, we feel it is their responsibility to pay for the cost of this service. ADAPT collects fees and monitors the client therefore reducing the work by the Sheriff’s and other State Departments. ADAPT is also a distributor of this equipment and can directly provide these monitors from the factory to agencies who may want to lease this equipment from ADAPT. 

We thank the many counties that have contracted with ADAPT Inc. since 2007. We look forward to more cities, counties, and other agencies entering into a contract with us in the future to enable this positive program to continue.

Contact us for a personal presentation to your agency.

ADAPT Inc. is now a distributor of the Electronic Monitoring Equipment directly from the Manufacturer for SL2 Alcohol Monitors, 4-g GPS Attenti Units and 3-g Track Group GPS Units.

SL2™: Next Generation of Remote Alcohol Monitoring


A.D.A.P.T., Inc. provides the SL2™ blood alcohol content (BAC) monitoring unit for its alcohol monitoring services. This device is an industry-proven solution for alcohol monitoring. The unit provides the BAC result, a real-time image, and the GPS location.

How It Works  

SL2 is a patented handheld wireless testing device designed for remote alcohol monitoring. The device obtains the participant’s BAC and location and takes a picture during the breath test to verify identity. The BAC result, real-time image, and GPS location are instantly sent to the cloud-based monitoring portal where the results can be accessed remotely or will trigger automated alerts to be sent directly to any designated contact. SL2 Device Features:


  • Discreet, handheld device

  • Evidential grade dart fuel cell

  • Internal camera for user verification

  • Embedded cellular and GPS module

  • Uses Verizon’s network

  • Easy on-screen instructions

  • Multiple tamper resistant features

GPS (Global Positioning System) Device:

Attenti™ One-Piece GPS Offender Tracking System integrates tracking, communication and mapping technologies. Operators can efficiently track offenders virtually anywhere, anytime, at varying levels of intensity through a single, compact body-worn unit.

The system features the ability to define inclusion and exclusion zones, animated and birds-eye-view mapping, and the convenience of an offender wearing just one device on the leg. The system communicates certain events to the offender through vibrations and LED lights which can switch monitoring intensity modes remotely through software downloads, or automatically, per program rules definition.

Attenti™ One-Piece GPS Offender Tracking System features full house arrest supervision and will report technical events or violations of schedule restrictions, enabling agencies to apply home curfew restrictions in line with their program.

Key features:

  • Four supervision levels: active, alert, passive, and optional RF curfew monitoring

  • Multiple methods of offender communication: LED lights and vibration

  • Collects GPS points every 60 seconds (adjustable); once every 15 seconds when in zone violation

  • User configurable alerts and program rules

  • Continued tracking and offender alerts independent of communication availability

  • Multiple tracking technologies, back up location detection using LBS

  • Reliable data storage

  • Remote software upgrades and modifications

  • Functionality status indications

  • Multiple tamper detections

  • Securely fits on offender’s ankle using an adjustable, easy to install strap

  • Compact and lightweight

  • Hypoallergenic, waterproof and tamper resistant

  • 36+ hour battery power

Adapt SL2.png

Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) 

SAP Evaluations

Substance Abuse Professional

DOT Rules require SAP evaluations on every non-negative test result according to provisions of 49 CFR Part 40, “Procedures for Transportation Workplace Drug Evaluation Programs.”

  • DOT licensed and certified to provide assessments for non-negative test results that fall under:

    • FMSCA

    • FTA

    • FAA

    • FRA

    • VSCG

    • PHMSA

    • Many Others

Other Classes / Treatments

ADAPT provides the following classes for adults and juveniles with a minimum of 5 participants per class. All fees are determined on an individual basis.

  • Anger Management Evaluations

  • Low and High Intensity Anger Management Classes/Courses

  • Education Awareness Classes

  • Bad Check Writing

  • Bullying Presentations and Educational Classes

  • Children of Divorce / Parent-Teen Conflict

  • Curfew

  • Grief/Loss

  • Harassment Prevention

  • Misdemeanor Offenses

  • Parenting

  • School Success

  • Shoplifting Prevention

  • Tobacco Prevention

  • Truancy Prevention

  • Divorced Parent

  • Domestic Violence Treatment (Duluth Model, Cognitive Restructuring) – 1 two hour session per week for 26 weeks

  • Domestic Violence Educational Awareness – 16-20 hour class

  • Cognitive Restructuring Courses

  • Faith Based Christian Community Service Program

ADAPT also provides school, community, faculty and other provider training seminars on a contractual fee basis.

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